Easy Tasks – You Can Speed Up Your Computer Easily By Yourself

As all of us know that computers will run slower and slower when they become older and older. But even new computer will run slowly when they work for a period of time. You can speed up your computer when you finish reading this article.

Enlarge Disk Space

When you have extra money, you can buy a external hard drive to enlarge the disk space in your computer. By doing this, you can store your files in a big space without considering which files to erase. Drive partition will help you arrange and label your files clearly.

Clean your computer regularly

Remember to keep your anti-virus software is the latest version. Ensure that your protecting program can recognize malware and adware,too. Malware and adware can eat up your computer’s memory when they are running on the background.

Scanning your computer twice a week is an effect way to maintain your computer’s performance. But the most effect way is don’t open any files which is unbelievable.

Delete your temporary files
Windows will always write files in your hard drive no matter it’s temporary file or not. Temporary files may be helpful temporarily, but they will slow down your computer definitely. So if you want to speed up your computer, remember to delete your temporary files.

Make your desktop succinct

Once upon a time, I saw an old lady store all the daily use files on her computer’s desktop. You can imagine how spectacular that is desktop. She bring her running slow computer to me complaining it’s working slower and slower. I speed up her computer easily by arrange her jumbled desktop files in different drives.

Registry cleaning software

Choose reputable software which can speed up your computer by scanning and deleting registry in your computer. Registry Repair Toolkit have 4years experience in cleaning registry. It can help you speed up your computer easily by yourself.

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