Fun Gadgets for Cyclists

If your other half is a keen sportsperson, it’s nice to be able to incorporate that into a gift idea for them to show that you put some thought into the present. What gifts then might be good for a keen cyclist. The answer is that there is a lot of gadgetry to be purchased for a keen cyclist. One important fact to remember is even if they already have something, then they would probably appreciate a newer and better one. Cycling kit wears out or gets rusty or dated pretty quickly so don’t worry too much about whether your beloved already has a piece of kit. If they’re anything like me, all of there gear is 10 years old from a time before the children were born and when money could be spent on your won hobbies. Here’s my top 10 list of the things I’d like to be given:

Bike Pump – You can consider either a floor stand pump for the pump that stays are home or a hand pump that can be mounted on the bike. Try to find one that has an adapter and can be used for either Schrader or Presta valves.

Inner Tubes – You can’t have too many spare inner tubes and it is very irritating to get a puncture and realise you have no spares. Make sure you sneak into the garage before you order some of these to ensure you’re getting the right tyre size

Puncture repair kit – I doubt I am unusual in that my puncture repair kit is a mess. The standard puncture repair kit looks a bit tired after repairing a single puncture so buying a nice puncture repair kit, with tools such as good quality tyre levers and allen keys will probably be well received.

Cycle Computer – well this one is a little bit passé in the modern day of GPS but if your gift budget doesn’t stretch to the price of a GPS, a standard cycle computer that measures the distance/speed you’ve travelled by keeping track of how many times the wheels have rotated is a good alternative.

GPS – On the other hand if you are unreasonably wealthy and want to make a statement of affection with your gift. You could look into a sports GPS which is usually worn on the wrist like a watch. Alternatively, have a quick look at their mobile phone – they may already have a GPS within their mobile, in which case you could buy them a mobile phone wallet to keep the phone protected whilst they’re on the road.

Lights – Bike lights can range hugely in price and the cheaper end of the spectrum does begin to look a bit tired and needing replacement after only a year or so, so a a smart new set of lights is likely to be received well. Furthermore, many people like to cycle with more than one set of lights on the bike.

Helmet – this is a pretty personal thing, and usually needs the cyclist in question to be available to try out different styles to see what suits them best – however you could offer to buy a helmet and then take them out to try them on.

Gloves – Cycling gloves are essential bits of protection to protect against the cold but also to protect your hands if you fall off. Ensuring you get gloves with tough protective palms will win you some gold stars.

Panniers or Rucksack – If they are using the bike to commute to work, have a look at the state of their rucksack or panniers. Panniers in particular take a lots of wear and tear and need replacing often as the holes start to appear

Hi Viz clothing – Much like the lights, it is essential to make yourself as visible to motorists as you possibly can. Getting a Hi Viz vest or jackets with reflective stripes is a great move.

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